Coolest HR Management Dashboard in Town Is Here!

By OrangeHRM | Published on Feb 25, 2021 | minute read

HR management is a crucial function for any organization as it involves people management of the first line of customers, the employees. As identified in employee productivity studies and as most of us already know, happy & content employees directly contribute to the financial performance of the organization. Hence, the need for quick, precise, and convenient decision-making based on actual employee data is more important than ever before. 

However, a common challenge that HR teams face in making day-to-day decisions based on actual employee data is the high volume and variety of the data as seen in organizations with hundreds and thousands of employees across multiple locations and countries. 

This is where an effective, user-friendly and attractive dashboard is required for your human resource information system (HRIS) in order to summarize employee activities and visually present key data at a glance.

Functionality, UI & UX are Key

There’s no value from a system that does not produce real-life results you want to obtain. At the same time, there’s no value from a system that makes your life more complicated than it should be by making you go through multiple twists and turns to obtain your desired result. Lastly, there’s also no value in a system which does not look appealing for you to interact & engage with.

Similarly, non-functional & outdated HR management system dashboards provide no value to your HR department. Instead, what it should be is a place where you can easily add what you need to see such as employee leave requests, list of employees on leave on a particular day,

daily tasks for the HR team, customizable charts based on various employee information metrics, etc. depicted in an attractive interface.

The Latest Dashboard in OrangeHRM 7.0

The OrangeHRM dashboard is developed using real customer insights and data to make the HR person’s life far less complicated. The widgets for the dashboard have been selected after collecting input from multiple HR teams on what they wish to see at a glance when they come onto the system. Further, the ability to add visual representations of reports were developed according to data from the most used reporting types by HR teams. Going even further, the OrangeHRM dashboard provides you the ability to add, remove and rearrange the widgets to suit your requirement easily.

Key Widgets Available in OrangeHRM 7.0

  • Quick Access: create shortcuts to your most visited sections of OrangeHRM.
  • My Actions: check your HR to-do list for the day.
  • Employees on Leave Today: view a list of employees on leave on the current day.
  • Time at Work: easily punch in and out for the day. 
  • Performance Quick Feedback: add quick feedback for your employees on their performance.
  • Charts: create custom charts for employee management reports. 
  • Buzz: shortcut to view posts from the internal social media platform, OrangeBuzz.
  • News and Documents: view all published news and documents for the organization.

If these standard widgets do not suit your requirement, OrangeHRM will develop custom widgets that fulfills the purpose.

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