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Have you been keeping a track of your time?

By Dasni Feb 18, 2019

You could be self-employed, a manager or an executive officer in your organization and have 0 or 1000 employees working under you, a number does not matter.  If you have not already started tracking your time spent on activities you do on a daily or weekly basis, start doing it right away.

Time Tracking records time spent on an activity daily or weekly where you will be able to assess how time was spent by your staff on the respective task. It not only motivates the employees to improve the productiveness of their work but it also has a profound effect on the overall productivity of the company.

A time tracking sheet allows employers to overlook how many hours worked and thus send any overworked employees home. Thereby Time tracking provides early warning signs for burnout or the need to hire additional resources for your company.

OrangeHRM is an HR system which helps lots of people and business people to manage their business and in order to manage businesses and services as it is mentioned earlier, it’s vital to capture the time recorded for each and every task which are billable. We already got a time module in place which allows users to track time-based on each project and activities.

Toggle integration for Open Source is coming up this February and will be available for Open Source!

Toggle Integration with OrangeHRM Open source

Toggl is a simple web-based time tracking application. It allows you to track time right from a web browser, computer or from a smartphone or a tab. Toggle is a user-friendly interface with much more features such as advance reports, statistics, and future based reposts and so on.

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Why Toggl with Orangehrm

Although we have a time module in place we do not have as many features as it is in a time tracking software. And Toggl is one of the most used time tracking software and there are millions of followers and they are providing integrations with many software in order to grow their business.