Biometric Attendance and Payroll Management System

By OrangeHRM | Published on Mar 1, 2019 | minute read

How Personnel Information Management could be made Easy and Effective by integrating Payroll and Biometric Attendance into an HRIS.

Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a type of software solution that incorporates multiple systems that ensures easy storage and management of human resources(HR) related business processes and data of an organization.

HRIS makes personnel information management such as access to personal details, tracking time and attendance, managing leave, keeping track of performance, expenses, travel and insurance claims from a single solution. This drastically reduces the paper trail and eliminates duplication of manually performed tasks across an organization, while contributing towards improving organizational efficiency and time-saving. This provides more opportunity for an HR department to focus their time and resources on the strategically important areas.

Most advanced HRIS, partner with Time and Attendance Solutions incorporating the latest Biometric Technology as well as Employee Payroll Solutions.

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Payroll Software facilitates the automated calculation of employee remuneration plans including the computation of taxation, variable pay and deductions. This ensures timely preparation and payment of employee salaries eliminating errors and saving time that could result from manual calculations.

State-of-the-art Payroll Software can be automatically linked to Timesheet Systems that track in and out times. This type of system only requires the employer to enter the pay information, necessary pay deductions and the work hours. The Payroll System automatically does all the necessary calculations. Using the right Payroll Software eliminates the unnecessary errors and cost of allocating a resource to calculate salaries.

When sourcing for a Payroll System one should invest in a system that meets with the requirements of the organisation and the industry, while also being flexible and supporting related software integration such as Time Tracking.

Monitoring flexible working hours for staff could be facilitated through Biometric Attendance Systems. This enables the capturing of an employees fingerprint, iris pattern or even the voice to identity oneself or to sign-in and sign-out of work. It is a fool proof technology and is especially useful for organisations with a large number of employees.

Biometric Attendance System terminals use an employees’ bio-metrics to record the time in and time out at work and also  records access to certain activity. It is highly accurate and cannot be manipulated when compared to attendance registers that are signed using pen on paper. This technology when complemented with Payroll Software, provides an accurate and  error free calculation eliminating any uncalled for issues.    

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These above cost efficient and time saving solutions work together and complement each other providing a comprehensive and Flexible WorkForce Management Software solution. When looking for an all inclusive and Integrated HRIS Software, it is of importance to ensure one selects a reputed product from a renowned and established company. A system that provides control, maximum security, functions well with your business processes and is user friendly. Growing businesses should ensure that the Integrated Software Solution selected, has the capacity to grow with business needs while also being adaptable for customization that meet with the demands of the business.