OrangeHRM to Release Version 7.5!

By OrangeHRM | Published on Mar 13, 2022 | minute read

The power of 7.5 is here, and we're making it easier than ever to make HR management easier for you and your employees!

OrangeHRM’s 7.5 release brings powerful improvements to its system UI, Reporting & Analytics module, and OrangeHRM’s own employee engagement & social media platform the OrangeHRM Buzz.

Navigate with Ease on the Revamped UI!

We understand that for HR professionals time saved is critical, and we know that every second you spend tracking down information through a complicated HRIS, can be spent investing on your most important asset, your people!

That is where OrangeHRM comes in, trusted by thousands of HR professionals worldwide, OrangeHRM now brings you an all new look designed to improve your productivity and make you fall in love with HR all over again! The 7.5 update has a more elegant, organized, robust and easy to use user interface (UI) allowing you to access all your employee information, run reports, access performance data and much more in just a few clicks. The new design aims to make your user experience more intuitive and pleasant as you navigate the system so you can spend less time learning and more time working! 

Stay on top of all your essential HR information with ease!

Stay on top of all your essential HR information with ease!



Keep Your Employees Engaged with the Improved OrangeHRM Buzz, an Internal Social Media Platform!

If you're looking for a way to increase employee engagement in the workplace while consolidating the amount of tools used, the Orange Buzz might as well be the solution you’ve been looking for.

With the Orange Buzz, you can make it easy for employees to connect with their colleagues by sharing their news, updates, thoughts and appreciation posts in just a few clicks. Further, the all new design for the Orange Buzz in the 7.5 version increases the chances of meaningful interaction among employees, helping them find other employees with similar interests and priorities, recognize personal and professional achievements, and share ideas on a social media platform built only for your company. The result? A happier workforce and a company that runs better than ever before!

The Orange Buzz is designed to foster collaboration and transparency, which are two important components of a productive and engaging workplace. With all of these options, the OrangeHRM  Buzz makes it easy to feel connected with your fellow employees—and gives you a great place to go when you want to feel like part of a community!

Use the Buzz to stay up-to-date on what's happening around the office!

Use the Buzz to stay up-to-date on what's happening around the office!

All Your HR Reports in One Space with OrangeHRM!

How many times have you had to reach out to your HR department for reports? And how many times have they delivered reports that were late, or not what you asked for, or included data you didn’t want or need?

If you work in HR, how many times have you been asked for reports that required painstakingly sifting through countless spreadsheets and other documents before being able to deliver them?

If this sounds like you, then we’re here to help.

The improved Report and Analytics module in OrangeHRM allows you to get the information you need fast and easy. The right HR technology can help you make your organization more efficient by storing all of your important information in one centralized location where you can access it with ease. Our goal with this feature is two-fold: give you the freedom to take care of everything from wherever you are—and save you time and effort in doing it. Reporting just got a whole lot easier with OrangeHRM!

Find out more about all these amazing improvements in the latest 7.5 upgrade and other information by signing up for a FREE demo now.