Power Your HR Goals for 2023 with OrangeHRM’s Version 7.8!

By OrangeHRM | Published on Jan 17, 2023 | minute read

HR done right can make your company culture thrive and lead to a more efficient and profitable organization. With the latest improvements made to Recruitment, Reporting & Analytics, and Employee Management modules in OrangeHRM’s 7.8 version, you can drive your HR department to success in 2023 with confidence!

Recruit your perfect candidate faster

Recruitment is one of the most important aspects of any business, a function that keeps the engine running, and a good recruitment process should have a strong focus on attracting, screening, and hiring the right people for an organization with no or very low delays. This is especially true for highly skilled/technical roles as candidates can be hired by other organizations fast if it’s not you.

Building on the year-long improvements to the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of the OrangeHRM Recruitment module, the version 7.8 upgrade brings further improvements to the Vacancy UI & UX enabling you to view/edit vacancies, add new vacancies, filter or search vacancies for updates, and more in just a matter of a few seconds. This revamp of the Recruitment module is designed according to best practices and is well thought-out to help Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and HR Managers hire the right candidate in the shortest possible time. 

Additionally, instead of manually creating a new employee profile for the new hire, the 7.8 version also allows you to directly add the selected candidate as an employee with just a click of a button. Then all you’ve got to do is kickstart the onboarding process and your new hire will be up and running in no time. Be in charge of your recruitment at any time, find out more about OrangeHRM’s Recruitment features here.

Utilize key HR data to make informed decisions

Data and reporting are important to HR, just as it is important for marketing or sales, or any other department. It provides the most crucial information about an organization’s human capital, the cog of the company wheel, necessary to make informed decisions. Thus, HR professionals need to be able to use employee data to make informed decisions backed with accurate and up-to-date data. 

With the introduction of cross-module reporting in OrangeHRM 7.8, you can now identify trends and insights of your employees like you’ve never done before. And most importantly, all of this data will be available at your fingertips anytime, anywhere in just a few clicks. Simply, cross-module reporting allows you to take into account the data from other modules instead of running single-module reports, allowing you to make better decisions about your employees faster. You can use this information to improve an employee's performance, identify new opportunities for growth for your team or simply keep an eye out for your employees. You can also view these reports right from your OrangeHRM Dashboard at any time. With OrangeHRM, accessing your most important HR data is as easy as it gets. Find out more about the OrangeHRM Recruitment & Analytics module here.

Create & share important documents with employees in minutes

The importance of documents in HR cannot be overstated. As an HR professional, you will constantly need to generate documents, and some can be common to all employees such as company-wide announcements, new regulations, company news, etc. while some can include employee-specific information such as names, designations, etc. Now imagine how time-consuming it would be to do an employee-specific document for the whole company!

That’s where the OrangeHRM 7.8 version comes in. With the latest document generation feature, creating and sharing customized documents takes only a few clicks. Say goodbye to manually typing in hundreds of documents and say hello to generating documents with placeholders that fetch the information you need where you need them. You can also use this feature with not only your standard fields but all your custom fields as well. 

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