We have made the Core module great again!

By OrangeHRM | Published on Jun 18, 2019 | minute read

What’s behind the Great core modules?

  • New convenient HELP button- OrangeHRM’s new HELP platform replaces OrangeHRM University and includes new source of learning and training from keyword search, product feature articles to FAQs. We are excited with this new accessible platform brought forward by our development team as you can now reach for better user experience by day.  We’re committed to extending the information included providing all our clients with an extensive knowledge base of key information.

How to reach and access OrangeHRM HELP?

  1. Go to https://help.orangehrm.com/
  2. Click on the HELP button on the right side of the screen
  • Regional Publication of News & documents - The new upgrade supports user roles access to the publishing, updating and deleting of news and documents. Admin Announcement news and Admin Announcement Documents are two created data groups to support user roles.
  • Salary component appears now as a separate display field within the report defining screen. Users can now select one or more salary components for the report such as Travelling allowance and  pension contribution to be now available for individuals underreporting.
  • Action owner filter outs actions made by individuals in audit details allowing admins to quickly identify all changes performed by a specific person. This is facilitated through a displayed search of the action owner’s employee name or username.
  • Default File upload Size increased to 5MB: By default, OrangeHRM offers you to attach a document or any other attachment of a maximum of 5 MB. However, if you contact our support services team via email (goldsupport@orangehrm.com), you can always get the file size increased further.

Sick and tired of doing reports the old way? Read this

Our 6.5 product release highlights a new licensed module for enhanced reporting.

  • Snapshot reporting- The type of report that comes in hand when the history of information comes useful so you can produce a past employee report. For instance, when the salary or job information is changed and tracking this historical information will be a critical part of employee management.
  • Delta reporting - Delta reporting by OrangeHRM allows a smoother synchronization of data in multiple enterprise applications when updated by different system user roles. The contemporary concept of the Delta report allows you to define the employee fields you wish to track for updates. At the end of the period, the admin will apprehend which records were updated in the system when the delta report is run.

For further information and licensing, you can contact customersuccess@orangehrm.com. Kindly note that all existing features and capabilities are still present and you can yet continue with the previous version as preferred. Feel free to contact us on goldsupport@orangehrm.com if you have any questions.