The HR Dictionary

Employee Orientation

Employee orientation is the process of introducing new hires to their jobs, colleagues, and the organization with basic onboarding activities and paperwork finalization. Since the employee orientation establishes the groundwork for the new employee's whole career with the organization, orientation is crucial. First impressions are always importantl because they set the tone for all that comes after. Without orientation, a new hire may feel uneasy in his or her new role and may take longer to achieve their full potential. 

Benefits of Employee Orientation

  • Providing the new employee clear and correct information and instructions to enable him or her to kick start their duties. 
  • Promoting employee confidence and aiding in helping the new employee adjust to the job and environment quickly.
  • Promoting effective communication between the new employee and the supervisor helping improve retention and productivity.

With the help of an HR software, organizations can accurately plan and execute the onboarding activities for an employee utlizing the onboarding tools which are in-built to the software. Most HRM software provides the capability to create custom onboarding programs for employees at after the recruitment.