PTO / Leave Management

Set yourself free by letting OrangeHRM take care of it.

Give yourself a break and stop trying to manage your PTO and leave policies manually. You no longer live in a world where you have to track everyone’s PTO accruals, try and find who's out that day, or make a note that, “so and so wants this upcoming Wednesday off.” It's all taken care of.

Request / Approve Leave

Your employees want to make your life easier but they too don’t always have a way to do that. With Request / Approve Leave, your employees will be able to request time off and have their manager or whomever approve their request. You can then nominate other employees to take on any work that might fall through while your other employee is on leave.

Request Apply Leave

PTO Calendar

Being able to see everyone’s leave requests before and after approvals can give you great insight on your company’s staffing. You might need to decline a few requests because your business might not have enough employees to run. All of this can be seen from any location of the company.

PTO Calendar

Advanced Leave Configuration

Whether you want to make a leave type like a company holiday or standard ones like maternity leave, you can do all of this with the Advanced Leave Configuration tool. Define your leave policies and set them up in OrangeHRM. Once they are live everything will work in the background.

Advanced Leave

Automated PTO Accrual

PTO doesn’t have to be complicated nor tedious. With Automated PTO Accrual, you can literally set it and forget it. You can set up rules like how many hours are accrued by what type of employee and moving forward, that employee will get those hours every pay period.

Automated PTO Accrual

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