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Rubeen Rashik




Dubai, United Arab Emirates





Optimizing Leave Management Capabilities at Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange


Since the commencement of trading in November 2005, DGCX has grown to provide strategic financial opportunities and a tactical trading forum to its international membership. Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, DGCX is the leading commodities derivatives exchange in the Middle East. With a mandate to enhance trade throughout the Emirate, DGCX includes members from the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. DGCX recently announced its intention to focus on West Asian clients through the launch of Emerging Market (EM) currency products.


The manual, paper-based leave management system that was in use by DGCX was insufficient for the growing needs of their HR department. They sought a turnkey, automated solution to track and audit employee leave, provide calendaring and allow schedule sharing, among other capabilities. DGCX was also interested in a browser-based portal that offered dashboard integration of announcements, along with the posting of policies and documents. 

After evaluation of a variety of HR products, many vendors did not provide the platform needed by DGCX. Impressed by the online presence and options offered by OrangeHRM, DGCX approached OrangeHRM for a solution. Commenting on its test run of the product, Rubeen Rashik said:

 “OrangeHRM, being browser-based (cloud), required no installation. It has an easy-to-use interface, is customizable to any length, and is affordable. The platform was stable throughout our rigorous testing.”


To meet the needs of the DGCX HR department, OrangeHRM provided a customized, comprehensive, cost-effective HR solution that included:

  • An online leave management system with a custom PTO calendar 
  • Integrated audit functions with user-based access levels
  • E-mail alerts for the expiration of visas, passports, and other events
  • A digital space to publish & view company announcements, policies, compliance, and other HR forms
  • Trouble-free creation and management of configurable duty rosters
  • Graphical reports

Commenting on the implementation of OrangeHRM, Rubeen Rashik said, “Employees can now not just conveniently apply for leave but also check their past leaves and scheduled leaves in their own department. Managers can approve a subordinate’s leave and see the leave pattern of their entire team.” 

Speaking further on the onboarding and usability of OrangeHRM,  Rubeen Rashik also said, “Employees are satisfied as the process is now quicker, simpler and they could easily adapt to the new platform without much training required on the software.”


The OrangeHRM platform and modules are intuitive and easy to implement. Skilled support is always available from our client support team. With 50 users on the system, DGCX has not experienced any software slowdown.

“We are glad that OrangeHRM is backed up by a strong support team. They have given us efficient support so far. We have never regretted the fact that they have no local presence in Dubai.”

With a focus on providing rapidly expanding financial services in the Middle East, DGCX required a paperless, cost-effective leave management solution adaptable to its unique HR environment.

The customized OrangeHRM leave management module streamlined the leave application and approval process for employees and managers, enhanced information sharing, and reduced the physical storage space and costs associated with a paper-based, manual HR system.

Taking advantage of these solutions and exceptional customer service, DGCX is now able to reduce the time and expense lost to an outmoded leave management system. 

OrangeHRM provides a complete and customizable HR solution that enables organizations to perform all HR operations with ease. An industry leader in human resource management, its secure web-based software helps organizations manage their people, talent, and HR processes across the globe.