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Managing International HR Challenges More Efficiently with OrangeHRM

ABOUT TLScontact

TLScontact works with governments around the world to provide visa and consular services on their behalf to travelers and citizens. Specializing in visa processing, TLScontact handles the administrative aspects of the visa process via a global network of Visa Application Centres, allowing their government clients to focus on their core decision-making role. Representing 90 countries, TLScontact handles 4 million visa applications every year.


“As a growing international company, we really needed an HR tool that provided a centralized and secure database to store employee information in one place and that was accessible online.”   

As a trusted partner to government clients around the world, the integrity of TLScontact’s business relies on strong customer service, face-to-face contact with applicants, n ew technology, and a high level of security requirements. When TLScontact won a major contract in 2014, the size of the business changed, necessitating the opening of additional sites in new countries and increasing recruitment. 

“As a growing international company, we really needed an HR tool that provided a centralized and secure database to store employee information in one place and that was accessible online,” said Anne Charlotte, HR manager for TLScontact.  In 2016, TLScontact decided to implement OrangeHRM software across the organization to replace manual processes and consolidate basic HR tasks that were being done through numerous different business applications.


“With OrangeHRM, we now have one source to gather information.”

TLScontact had three main criteria when looking for HR software for their growing international company.  The first was user experience.  “We needed an intuitive, easy-to-navigate platform,” said Charlotte.  OrangeHRM’s user-friendly platform fits the bill.  TLScontact also liked the modular architecture of OrangeHRM, which gave them the flexibility to choose which modules they needed by priority.  Finally, they wanted an approach with a user portal that was accessible to employees as well as managers and HR members. 

After investigating and considering the available options, OrangeHRM was a clear choice. From customizable user roles to a mobile app to a centralized dashboard, OrangeHRM’s software now gives everyone in the company access to what they need—no matter where they are. 

OrangeHRM’s Single Platform Solution Saves Time and Money

With rapid growth came increased challenges for TLScontact. Using multiple business applications such as Excel to collect and organize data became time-consuming, led to inaccuracies, and was difficult to manage.  “With OrangeHRM, we now have one source to gather information,” Charlotte explained.  Having everything in one place has led to more accurate data and has limited “no value added” tasks such as manual processes, freeing up managers’ and employees’ time to spend on more meaningful and impactful work. 

TLScontact’s Favorite OrangeHRM Features

Implementing OrangeHRM’s software has revolutionized TLScontact’s HR processes:

  • A Comprehensive Employee Database:  OrangeHRM’s Employee Database gives HR the ability to maintain employee profiles, data, and history with the company from the moment they are hired.  Not only can they now keep track of key information such as salary history and employee-specific documentation such as contract letters, termination letters, and promotion contracts, but they now have the ability to track each employee’s paid time off accruals and other data as well as document end results.

“The next step is the implementation of the synchronization with our IT system to create new users in all the system. It’s a big achievement for us.”

  • Easy and Quick Leave Approval: With the Leave Application module, employees can request time off online and managers can easily approve their requests immediately.  This process streamlines administrative tasks, supports employees, and allows managers to make informed decisions.

  • Efficient Time Tracking: With OrangeHRM’s Time Tracking module, TLScontact can now easily keep track of employees’ time, from clock-ins and clock-outs to time spent on different projects.

  • Easy Custom Report Generating: In addition to being able to easily generate reports, OrangeHRM gives managers the ability to customize fields and more complex options tailored to their unique needs.


“It was a great support, and is still a great support, to us as a client.”

Although TLScontact chose OrangeHRM’s HRIS software because it met their specific needs, they were pleasantly surprised by another huge benefit of using OrangeHRM—the high level of customer support. 

Before choosing and implementing OrangeHRM, Orange put Anne Charlotte and her team in touch with other OrangeHRM customers who shared their feedback and experiences using OrangeHRM.  “This first impression, in addition to meeting our criteria, was really a big difference,” said Charlotte, and the final deciding factor for choosing OrangeHRM.  She adds that during the implementation of the software—which encompassed numerous locations and people all simultaneously handling the change—she appreciated the flexibility of the customer support, which was always quite responsive and available.  “It was a great support, and is still a great support, to us as a client.”