Customer Success Stories


Empowering Global Teams: Steiger's OrangeHRM Success Story

Steiger is an international non-profit Christian organization dedicated to reaching out to the global youth culture. They work to share their beliefs and provide support to young people. Originally started as a movement, Steiger's growth necessitated a shift towards a more structured organization. This transition involved establishing policies, procedures, and standardized processes.

Massy Distribution

From Spreadsheets to HRMS: How Massy Distribution (Jamaica) Limited (MDJL) Automated HR with OrangeHRM

Massy Distribution (Jamaica) Limited (MDJL) is a part of the Massy Group, a Trinidadian conglomerate with operations across various sectors. MDJL focuses on distributing pharmaceutical and consumer goods.

SATO Europe

Navigating Smooth Transitions: Enhancing HR Efficiency Through Seamless Implementation with OrangeHRM

The SATO Group comprises 54 companies that develop and produce hardware, software and consumables to integrate with third party offerings as automatic-identification solutions. These solutions streamline workflows by enabling the capture and visualization of data for a connected world of productivity, safety, reassurance and sustainability. By giving things a digital identity, SATO helps businesses run smoothly.


TLScontact: Managing International HR Operations with OrangeHRM

TLScontact specializes in handling visa processing for governments across the globe. With its rapid expansion in 2014, TLScontact required a secure and centralized database for its employee information which could be accessed online at any time from anywhere. They have been using OrangeHRM since 2016 for leave management, time tracking, performance management, and recruitment across 91 countries.

Rutgers University

Rutgers University: How Rutgers University (DoCL) saved over $166,000 Per Year with OrangeHRM

Being one of America’s highest-ranked universities, Rutgers University is also the oldest and largest university in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. Employing over 700 people, the Department of Continuous Learning at Rutgers was drowning in paperwork with manual processes to manage hiring, leave requests, and time tracking. After implementing OrangeHRM, the DoCL has reduced time spent on manual processes and saved over $166,000 per year.

Cariati Law

Cariati Law: Optimizing Processes for Faster & Easier HR Management

Based out of Ontario Canada, Cariati Law is a top-rated personal injury and disability-related law practice operating for over sixteen years. Prior to the implementation of OrangeHRM, Cariati Law had many manual processes which consumed much of their time and effort. However, Cariati Law now utilizes the Time Tracking and Leave Management modules of OrangeHRM which has made HR processes much more efficient and faster, saving valuable time and money.


FoodCloud: Saving Food for the World and Time & Money for the Company

Founded in 2013, FoodCloud is a social enterprise that connects businesses with surplus food to charities that need them. Being a mid-sized business with unique HR needs, Food Cloud struggled to find suitable HR software until they came across OrangeHRM. With scalable solutions and powerful features available to any small, mid-sized, or large organizations, OrangeHRM has automated FoodCloud’s manual processes saving them significant time and money.

The Human Resources Solutions Group

The Human Resources Solutions Group: Helping SMEs Grow with Comprehensive and Affordable HR Software

Founded in 2014, The Human Resources Solutions Group is a human resources consultant business located in the Bahamas. Their client range consists of various small to mid-sized businesses and they find that the challenges most small and mid-sized businesses face in HR are record-keeping, managing applicants, and handling employee leave, particularly proper tracking. OrangeHRM’s powerful and affordable human resource management tools help her deliver results immediately.

Hypercore Networks

Hypercore Networks: Insourcing HR Processes and Consolidating the HR Tech Stack

Hypercore Networks is a global provider of network security, data, and voice, with a range of ever-growing and ever-evolving solutions designed to fit a business’s individual needs. After outsourcing much of their HR needs and utilizing multiple tools for different HR functions, Hypercore Networks now utilizes OrangeHRM’s leave management, recruitment, time management, and performance review modules in one single software.


Merrco/Payfirma: Solving Leave Management Challenges & Implementation During COVID-19

As a start-up in the FinTech industry, Merrco has experienced significant business growth in just 5 years. Like most start-ups, they were working with small teams and manual processes to ramp-up business operations. As they continually added talent and expanded locations, they needed to look for ways to simplify and automate processes that could scale as they continued their growth journey. One area of focus was in the HR function, specifically around employee leave management.

Josiah Venture

Josiah Venture: Product Customizability & Top Notch Customer Service

Josiah Venture, a multinational non-profit organization from the U.S, was managing employee leave/PTO manually due to complicated pay policies in different regions. To solve this hassle, OrangeHRM provided a customized solution which automated all leave management processes. While doing so, OrangeHRM was also able to provide top notch customer service across multiple aspects like a member of the Josiah Venture's team.

Florida Guardian ad Litem

Modernizing A State Agency’s HR Into the 21st Century

With OrangeHRM’s software solutions, Florida Guardian ad Litem was able to revolutionize their HR operations with a modernized, efficient, and customized solution that fits their unique needs. With a streamlined process for tracking employee time and leave, Florida Guardian ad Litem now has the insight and data to operate more effectively as well as well as monitor, engage, and manage their workforce for increased productivity.

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad: Taking HR and employee experience to new heights, one module at a time

As the company grew, management came to the realization that HR operations needed to evolve quickly to keep pace with the demands placed on the business. Being a globally dispersed company led to inconsistencies in local recruiting ,on-boarding, and training processes. With the goal of evolving HR into a strategic business function, Projects Abroad successfully made the decision to partner with OrangeHRM to help them evolve the global HR operation.

University of Belize

Technology: OrangeHRM - Personal Information Management

OrangeHRM's Personal Information Management module and several other modules help University of Belize modernize it's Human Resource Department.

Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange

Optimizing Leave Management Capabilities at Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange

The manual, paper-based leave management system in use by DGCX was insufficient for the growing needs of their HR department. DGCX sought a turnkey, automated solution to track and audit employee leave, provide calendaring and allow schedule sharing, among other capabilities.

Waiting Room Solutions

OrangeHRM Assists Waiting Room Solutions in Meeting Their Expanding Human Resources Needs

There is a whole workflow in OrangeHRM where the PTO accrual is set up and employees can apply to their direct report for approval for paid time off and there is a whole management review and approval process. Employees have received it pretty well. It is an open source system. It is a very good solution for what we need.


Organizing God's Home: Hope Church

The custom Performance module and several other modules help Hope Church organize it's Human Resource Department.

Agincourt Pentecostal Church

Simplifying the Human Resource Operation for Agincourt Pentecostal Church

OrangeHRM's Personal Information Management, Leave Management & Timesheet modules make an ideal HR solution for Agincourt Penetecostal Church.